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           Calcium-25 is a unique crop yield-enhancing product, and is composed of only naturally-occurring ingredients: calcium and certain amounts of  plant waxes that occur on the leaf surface. The combination, when applied to the leaf surface of growing plants in water solution under the right conditions, is absorbed into the leaf as a carefully balanced mixture that can be recognized by the leaf surface as being all-natural components.

           As a result, the mixture is absorbed into the plant and calcium is actually translocated in the plant. This makes Calcium-25 different than any other product! This absorption causes a rapid increase in plant growth at an early stage of plant development. The stimulating effect carries over to a final increase in crop yield.

          There are five Calcium-25 products: Calcium-25 for Field Corn, Calcium-25 for Soybeans, Sorghum & Alfalfa (also for small grains and pasture), Calcium-25 for Wheat & Rice, Calcium-25 for Vegetables & Ornamentals (also for cotton, peanuts, tobacco, and grapes), and Calcium-25 for Apples & Fruit Trees (all are OMRI listed!).

            Bio-Gard's products are NOT just calcium products, but powerful foliar crop yield enhancers! They work the same with low or high soil calcium levels. Don't be misled by calcium products that only supply calcium -- they're NOT the same! Don't think that, because the low amount of calcium in our products can't supply enough to your acreage, that it can't be effective!! The actual amount of calcium in the plant is far less than the Calcium-25 solution has in it!! The mechanism of absorption and translocation is unique. The other ingredients are what causes the effect -- rapid and efficient increase of calcium from the SOIL along with ALL OTHER NUTRIENTS are responsible, in part, for the increases seen from using Calcium-25. The products contain NO hormones or any ingredients others than those in nature!!! And...we're still here after 32 years in business. Any questions, call Dr. Welebir -- the expert!

If you used Calcium-25 this year, you probably noticed how it helps plants resist drought, depending on the severity in your area! This is because plants sprayed have a deeper, more developed root system, making them more able to follows a lowering water table!

ALLELOPATHY - A plant's ability to naturally control its environment, including weeds and other pests. Calcium-25 has been seen to enhance this natural ability! Imagine less -- or no weeds between rows -- all without dangerous pesticides!!

 - -Also for all hydroponics!! Can have 50% more and better tomatoes, veggies all year long!!!


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 WHEAT-Information.pdf   Increase your yields up to 44%!!

VEGETABLE-Information.pdf  Get 50 to over 100% increases in marketable yields!

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APPLES and FRUIT TREES information.pdf  Increase yields and quality! Effective up to 99.55% against bitter pit according to a University of California study! And NUT TREES!! Also Prevention is the best cure (treatment=prevention=cure)!! especially for bitter bit and related diseases!!



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                                      or Bio-Fuels??




Alcohol (ethanol) from corn and cellulose (e.g. switchgrass, wood chips, and field trash like corn stalks, etc.) can put a stop to ridiculous oil company price increases, including natural gas, and air/water pollution! By the 1890's, alcohol-fueled engines were used in farm machinery, train locomotives, and cars - before gasoline!! Read more at: History of Alcohol Fuels  NEW!! Also bio-diesel from soybeans and other grains can be made a lot cheaper (see soybean increases)!!  NOTE: Increases in yields for crops used in ETHANOL and BIOFUEL production DO NOT REQUIRE ANY EXTRA NITROGEN or other INPUT with Calcium-25!! Using biomass, such as field waste, as fuels further lowers input costs!!  

Other concerns over the dangers of fossil fuels have emerged since 2001, caused by the past administration. These are perhaps the major cause of pollution other than fossil fuel emissions. For a sample report of exposure to toxic, carcinogenic (cancer-causing) effects, and nerve toxins, among other health hazards due to waste from gas wells from Colorado and Wyoming to New England for millions, see a representative account at  Drilling_and_Production.pdf  

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